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Budapest 2006

The Proposed (Detailed) Programme for Budapest 2006

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Arrival of participants in late afternoon/evening Private Evening Meeting of Keynote Speakers, Poster Judges, Organisers

Wednesday, 23 August 2006
9.00am Registration at Hotel Agro Budapest, Put up Posters, Poster Session 1
11.00am Official Welcome and Formal Opening of 2006 Conference
11.30am Keynote Lecture 1 - The Value of Research/Fundamental Research
1pm (Sit-down) Lunch
2pm 5 Short Talks
3.40pm Coffee/Tea Break
4.10pm Keynote Lecture 2 - Multidisciplinarity/Interdisciplinarity of Research
5.30pm Poster Session 2
7.30pm Finger Buffet
8.45pm Ice-breaker: Group Discussions with Poster Judges - At the Pub/Wine Bar

Thursday, 24 August 2006
9.10am 4 Short Talks
10.30am Presentation on IUPAC and Younger Scientist involvement
11am Coffee/Tea Break
11.20am Keynote Lecture 3 - An Industrial Perspective
12.50pm Brief Presentations by the UK Royal Society of Chemistry/Hungarian Chemical Society
1.30pm Lunch on the bus
Cultural Visit: Departure for Skanzen and Szentendre
5.30pm Gulyas Evening
Keynote Discussion - Europe both Today and in the Future

Friday, 25 August 2006
9.30am Poster Session 3
11am 3 Short Talks
12noon Coffee/Tea Break
12.20pm 2 Short Talks
1pm Poster Session 4 and Finger Buffet Lunch (at the Posters)
2.30pm 5 Short Talks
4.10pm Coffee/Tea Break
4.30pm Keynote Lecture 4 - Issues of Sustainability/Environment
6pm 4 Short Talks
8pm Special Reception e.g. Hungarian Parliament, or Buda Castle District

Saturday, 26 August 2006
9.30am Keynote Lecture 5 - Commercialisation of University Research
11.00am Coffee/Tea Break
11.30am 4 Short Talks
12.30am Lunch
2pm Keynote Presentations and Discussions on "Communication":
Presenting Posters - The best way
Science Communication to Different Audiences e.g. Peers, The Public, School Pupils, Opinion-Formers, and also Ethical and Social Aspects including an Exercise for all Participants
Coffee/Tea Break
A Chemistry Lecture-Demonstration
5pm Presentation of the 2006 Europa Medal and Prize, the Runner-Up Award and Commendation Awards, and Closing Remarks
5.30pm Presentation on the 2007 Summer School
6.30pm Farewell Session - Departure for Cultural Evening

Extracts of an Article on the Brno 2005 School by Prof Leiv Sydnes (IUPAC President) in CHEMISTRY International Jan-Feb 2006 Vol 28 No. 1 are:

this special annual School emphasises interaction and cooperation between young scientists working in the field of chemistry and is designed to inspire more students to opt for a career in chemistry and chemistry research" :.. "A key goal is to foster networking and cooperation across Europe and with that in mind, extensive discussions are held at meetings based on the posters presented by the young participants. These discussions are led by an international group of scientists that scrutinize every poster and quiz each presenter extensively." :: "The format is unique and means that the meetings and participants receive a level of attention rarely seen at other similar events" : "Lectures are given by selected keynote speakers :. The 2005 IUPAC Lecture was given by Prof Gerald Pattenden who talked about "The Excitement of Natural Products and their Biomimetic Synthesis" with such vigour and enthusiasm that he appeared to be living proof of the title. Many participants felt inspired to carry on with chemistry after his talk"

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